Consulting Department ERC - is a dedicated group of professionals who are focused on providing support to dealers in ERC integratorskih complex projects. A team of more than 30 people, includes product managers and technical consultants in the following areas:

  • servers and storage systems,
  • network equipment,
  • software,
  • unified communications and video conferencing,
  • information security,
  • surveillance,
  • uninterruptible power supply system,
  • passive network equipment and cabinets.

In these solutions , ERC offers technology products from industry leaders , based on experience in the Ukrainian market , and especially domestic companies .

To ensure competent support specialists consulting department regularly attend training and refresher courses, as evidenced by appropriate certificates from vendors . Only team has more than a hundred active certifications . Own laboratory , allows you to maintain knowledge on a practical level .

ERC partners access to the full range of services at all stages of work with our customers :

  1. promotion
    1. together with partners marketing activities for customers. Presentations, conferences, seminars and participation in industry events;
    2. Register projects;
    3. Help in getting partnership status, majors and getting authorized access to resources vendors.
  2. Task processing and project development
    1. Consulting, selection decisions, product specifications and verification projects calculations;
    2. development of complex projects;
    3. Cross-vendor solutions.
  3. presentation. protection solutions
    1. demonstration, piloting projects, providing solutions and proving ground for testing engineers ERC;
    2. Help in justifying projects - joint presentation and documentation;
    3. Analysis of competitive solutions, optimization specifications.
  4. design project, supply, implementation and maintenance
    1. Getting special conditions;
    2. Help in monitoring and transactional;
    3. Providing advice on the removal of technical problems and software updates;
    4. hosting and monitoring service requests